The Waldorf Alphabet Book

(formerly, The Living Alphabet)

Famke Zonneveld

Includes essay by William Ward, "Learning to Read & Write in Waldorf Schools"



The Waldorf Alphabet is a wonderful lap book – a lively exploration of sound and meaning for parents and children to share and love. The colorful, eloquent paintings depict the form of the capital letters of the English alphabet in ways that are brimming with life. Surrounding these pictures are a series of objects with names that begin with the letter being revealed. On the opposite side is an image of the capital letter itself, with the lower case letter in each corner. The question, How many things beginning with *the letter* can you find? is at the bottom of each facing page.

My experience of these pictures is that each picture makes me want to jump right into it so that I can participate in the story. Imagine the possibilities for stories and conversations with young children! I believe that this book offers a heart-path into the world of the written word – and a warm sharing between parents and children. What better gift than this?

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