Sing Me the Creation – 2nd Edition

Paul Matthews

Creative Writing Sourcebook


An all new, updated edition of this inspirational workbook!

This is an exciting, new approach to awakening spontaneous, wholesome creativity — whether in our selves or within the children we teach. I have a feeling that as more teachers experiment with bringing these exercises into their classrooms, this will become one of the most treasured teacher resources ever. Beautiful!

In over 300 silly and serious exercises, Paul Matthews gives us permission to indulge our fantasy, and then, when that life is flowing, provides the tools to craft it into poetry and story.

Though these exercises are intended for group work with adults, teachers of children will find here many new ideas for the classroom, and individuals working alone will have no difficulty adapting them to their needs.

Paul Matthews, a poet himself, taught creative writing at Emerson College, Sussex.

256 pages, 6 1/4″ x 9 1/4″, 2015.

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