For the Love of Literature

A Celebration of Language and Imagination

Christy MacKaye Barnes



These authors give us all an antidote to the decline in cultural literacy and general “dumbing down” that has been noted in all education: namely, they help us to remember how very much we love literature and everything about it.

This is a book that can help parents and teachers pass along a love of literature to the students they teach — and in so doing, it can help uplift the world we live in.


Part One

  • Christy MacKaye Barnes, nine essays, including: “Can the Imagination Be Trained?” “The Crisis of the Word Today” “Why Write?” “Schooling Capacities through the Study of Great Authors” “Backgrounds for Russian Literature”

Part Two

  • Adam Bittleston, “The Future of the English Language”
  • L. Francis Edmunds, “Literature in the Upper School”
  • Linda Sawers, “In the Footsteps of Dante”
  • Isabelle Wyatt, “Chaucer and the Modern Consciousness”
  • A. C. Harwood, “Fair Mountain and Fine City”
  • Adam Bittleston, “Shakespeare’s Troubled Kings”
  • Ursula Grahl, “In Quest of the Holy Grail”
  • L. Francis Edmunds, “The Trials of Parsifal”
  • Hugh Hetherington, “Grail Mountain and Garden of Marvels”
  • Eileen Hutchins, “Wolfram and Wagner”
  • Adam Bittleston, “Christopher Fry and the Riddle of Evil”
  • Susan Demanett, “Questing toward a True Understanding of Grammar”
  • Dorit Winter, “We Love Grammar”

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