Making Math Meaningful: A 10th Grade Workbook, Teacher’s Edition

Geometry and some Algebra II

Andrew Starzynski and Jamie York


This Teacher’s Edition of the 10th Grade Math Workbook is an all-in-one book for the teacher and contains:

  • Thoughts on Teaching Waldorf Math in 10th Grade
  • Commentary on each of the units in the 10th Grade Student Workbook
  • The units from the 10th Grade Student Workbook
  • The Answer Key for the 10th Grade Workbook

After a full year of algebra studies, the student enters tenth grade ready to take a big step forward: learning how to write deductive proofs. There is a great variety of topics to be explored in this workbook. While it is possible to cover most of these topics in the tenth grade year, a class may instead spend most of the year on the geometry topics, and then perhaps return in eleventh grade to a couple of the topics found in the second half of this workbook. Either way, this workbook promises to increase the students’ sense of wonder at the power and beauty of mathematics.

The units covered in this workbook are:

  • Geometry Basics
  • Circle Geometry
  • Triangle Geometry
  • Proofs!!
  • Mensuration
  • Algebra Review
  • Logarithms, Part II
  • Exponential Growth
  • Sequences & Series
  • Math & Music

Also available:

228 pages, 7″ x 9″, 2015.

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