Working with LMNOP

and All the Letters

Howard Schrager

An A to Z Manual for Parents & Teachers

Stories & Activities in Poetry, Music, Movement, Speech, Drama, & Drawing



Now with updated paperback binding!! This classic curriculum guide is now published in a standard paperback binding with a matte finish for extra durability.

I am so excited to be able to share this book with you!  Years ago, when Howard Schrager first published LMNOP, we spoke and wrote at length about the beauty of LMNOP, its value for children, and the need to make more people aware of just how to use the pictures and poems to teach.  Howard took up the challenge and has produced what is nothing less than one of the best curriculum guides I’ve ever seen: Working with LMNOP (and All the Letters)

In it, you will find the most creative, energetic, enthusiastic, wise and do-able lesson plan suggestions for each and every letter!  the author suggests a story for each letter that relates to the images in LMNOP; he goes on to suggest a delightful list of activities that build a variety of skills; and then explains how to draw a main lesson book figure for each letter, one that captures the heart of the picture in LMNOP but keeps it simple enough for a child to follow successfully.

As a manual for LMNOP, Working with LMNOP is exactly what any parent or teacher would want; as an example of what lessons in a Waldorf school can really be all about, it is sheer brilliance.  This book is so good and so useful that in itself it is a seed for the future, well beyond just teaching the alphabet and reading.  Thank you, Howard Schrager!

Recommended without reserve!

8 1/2″ x 11″

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