Homemaking and Personal Development

Meditative Practice for Homemakers

Veronika van Duin



Veronika van Duin has made it her life’s work to help others create homes that can contribute to the creation of a healthy society.  Her first book, Homemaking as a Social Art, remains a beloved companion and source of inspiration to homemakers throughout the world.  It is generally the first book we recommend to anyone seeking support and direction to their task of creating and keeping a home.

In Homemaking and Personal Development, Veronika explores the need of homemakers to find personal balance amid the delights and disappointments of daily life.  Truly, there are few tasks in this world that are as “real” as homemaking, and the opportunities for arriving at exhaustion, depression, self- and other-blame and more are legion.  Veronika is able to help because she has ‘been there and done that’ as a homemaker of more than 40 years experience.  Happily for all of us, she has found multiple pathways to joy and balance that are realistic for homemakers in the course of their busy days.

We very highly recommend this book:  There is truly something in it for every stage of homemaking and for every homemaker.  Out of Veronika’s experience, you can find exercises that can be “sandwiched” in between diaper changes and meals, imaginations and awarenesses you can hold to restore your balance and warm your soul when sleep-deprived, deeper meditations you can undertake to strengthen your soul and spirit when your life gives you that sort of time.  Most especially, Veronika is there to support your homemaking by supporting your inner life in every way she knows how.

Thank you, Veronika, for a book that is truly a seed for a better future.

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