The Waldorf Book of Poetry

Discover the Power of Imagination

Edited by David Kennedy

Softbound, large format


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Sometimes when I pick up a new book, I can tell before I even open the cover that there is something magical about it, something exciting and wonderful.  I experience a nearly physical electric thrill that runs from my hand to my heart that has proven over the years to be the harbinger of glorious things in print.

I had this experience when The Waldorf Book of Poetry arrived – and as I have poured through its more than 325 pages, my joy at what this book contains has grown by leaps and bounds.  Here, in one place, is one of the greatest collections of poetry ever brought together.  The love that has gone into the selecting this anthology is evident on every page. There isn’t a single great poem I’ve thought of that I haven’t found inside the covers of this book.  There are classics, modern poems and some of the “old favorites” written especially for Waldorf schools.  In addition, the design of the book is meant for years of use, with a sturdy hard cover and bond paper.  It’s organization is gifted, leaving anyone who even glances at the table of contents hungry to read more.  Even the typesetting is wonderful: crisp and clear as books so often are not these days.

In addition to the hundreds of beautiful, engaging poems to share with students of all ages, there is a Foreword by Eugene Schwartz that anyone who is teaching children will love.  Here Eugene shares his classroom experience and methods of using poems such as these.  For those teaching at home, or who are new to the classroom, this foreword is a gift that makes The Waldorf Book of Poetry into a resource not just to be loved, but also used.

This is the book that will feed the hearts and minds of children for years to come.  Many thanks are due David Kennedy for bringing it to life.

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