A Knife and a Fork and Bottle and Cork…

That's How You Spell New York

Howard Schrager

Illustrated by Sarah Madsen

Riddle Rhymes, Vol 1



Howard Schrager, author of LMNOP and all the Letters from A to Z, brings us another delight for classroom, home, travel, or just about anywhere you find yourself with a little time and a wish for something fun to do with someone else. 

A Knife and a Fork… is a collection of riddle rhymes each of which leads to the spelling of the name of a US state.  They can become a delightful part of geography lessons, sparking infectious laughter as they stimulate creative thinking and correct spelling. 

In these original riddle rhymes, Schrager often goes in several directions at once, leading and misleading all at the same time.  For instance, in the title rhyme, the first three clues all point to the shapes of letters (N, K and Y), but the final clue is a hint of the spelling of the word itself (…ork).  Altogether, it adds up to New York, but the mental journey to getting there just woke everyone up and created an adventure that will make not only the spelling of the word unforgettable, but will bring a smile everytime you hear it, too.

Howard will be coming out with more riddle rhyme books in the near future.  For now, we welcome you and your students and children and grandparents and friends to a new world of word games that will have you all laughing and spelling away.  Very highly recommended.

58 pages, 7″ x 8 1/2″, 2010.

Howard Schrager’s Riddle Rhymes series:

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