The Voices of Nature – Second Edition

Stories for Young Readers

A nature-inspired chapter book for early readers

Collected by Cindy Walker

Illustrated by Ana Spotts


Now back in print!!!! Here is a unique and wonderful book for students who have mastered the basics of reading and are ready to venture forth into the world of longer stories and chapters.

Voices of Nature via

Ana Spotts, whose fresh and lively illustrations bring each story to life, created this book as her Senior Project at the Denver Waldorf School. She selected each story, many of which are old, traditional tales that have been told over the centuries, for its sense of the wonder and enchantment that can be found throughout the natural world. There is joy these tales that will captivate and reassure our young children that the world is alive with magic and well with goodness.

Voices of Nature via

This is simply a wonderful way to ignite a love of reading and nature at one and the same time!

Grades 2-4

146 pages, 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″, 2019

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