The Temperaments in Education

Roy Wilkinson

Softbound booklet


This is an extremely conscise, highly useful explanation of the temperaments and how to work with them to the advantage of all students in a classroom. Filled with anecdotes, examples, even illutrations of the different drawing styles of each temperament, any parent or teacher will find this to be the sort of book you pull out again and again.

  1. I can safely say that this little book changed my life – at last I understood how I functioned and why on earth I get angry about certain things. After nearly forty years of trying to get along with my brother, the penny finally dropped after reading this book and I now understand how he operates, why he is the way he is and why we get on well about some things but not others.

    The book is simple to read and a godsend when for understanding and getting along with family, friends and colleagues.

    This short book is actually an improvement on Rudolf Steiner’s book ‘The Four Temperaments’ because Roy Wilkinson shows the reader how the temperaments work in practice – how to know what temperament people are from how they walk, how they doodle, the type of food they eat and so on.

    It is written with teachers in mind, but I find it excellent for daily life in general (I am an office worker).