Come Unto These Yellow Sands

Eurythmy, Movement and Classroom Experience

Molly von Heider


This book is one of those real gems that was available when my own children were young (I still have my well-worn copy), then went out of print and now is available again. I feel enormous gratitude to the publisher that this delicious collection of songs, poems, games and master-teacher suggestions and thoughts is once again available.

There are so many ways to use this book – if you are a parent, the rhymes and songs will gladden your children’s days (and yours!); if you are a class teacher, there is a wealth of group games, songs to sing and poems to recite; if you are a eurythmist or movement specialist, you’ll find each of the songs or poems suggests its own special movement and von Heider’s comments and suggestions will inspire your own creative insights.

I personally used this book both as a source book for the delight of my children and also when when I was working with special needs children to devise ways to help them connect more fully to the world through movement. I found it an inexhaustible treasure trove, one which I now recommend without reservation.

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