LMNOP and All the Letters from A to Z

Howard Schrager

Illustrations by Bruce Bischof



LMNOP is a beautiful book which should be both an inspiration and an enormous help to everyone who has heard about the Waldorf approach to teaching the alphabet but has never witnessed it. It will also be inspiring to every teacher who has taught children with this approach but has not had a chance to observe many other teachers at work.

In addition to an very valuable introductory essay which makes clear many things about this creative approach (and offers suggestions for variation and direction), each letter of the alphabet is presented with a full page drawing of luminous color and its own very special poem.

The thought of even more children joyfully commencing their journey into the written word in this way is a very warming one – it’s a great pleasure to be able to offer this book!

64 pages, 8 1/2″ x 11″, 2000.

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