Waldorf Curriculum Overviews

A Handbook for Steiner-Waldorf Class Teachers, 3rd Edition

Kevin Avison



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This popular book has undergone an extensive update and revision, resulting in the 3rd edition of this useful and practical resource book. Published in association with the Steiner-Waldorf Schools Fellowship, the book provides detailed suggestions and checklists cor Classes 1 through 8 for both the Waldorf teacher and home educator. Extensive appendices feature a compilation of sample planners to use as well as sample record tables for both students and teachers. A hugely practical assist to any Waldorf educator, Avison's often witty advice provides an interesting and easy-to-navigate handbook for creative classroom activities and management.

Table of Contents:

Section One

  • 1.0 The Imponderables
  • 1.1 Readiness for Class One
  • 1.2 Checklist: Class One Readiness
  • 1.3 Starting Out -- Class One
  • 1.4 Recording and Self-evaluation
  • 1.5 Checklists for Classes One--Three
  • 1.6 About Imitation
  • 1.7 ...and Circle Time
  • 1.8 Movement Skills for Classes One--Four
  • 1.9 Classes Four and Five Skills Checklist
  • 1.10 Classes Six and Seven Checklist

Section Two

  • 2.0 Planning Ahead
  • 2.1 Preparation
  • 2.2 Readiness
  • 2.3 Review
  • 2.4 Rehearse
  • 2.5 And the Fourth "R"!
  • 2.6 The Curriculum
  • 2.7 Curriculum and Basic Skills
  • 2.8 Class One
  • 2.9 Class Two
  • 2.10 Class Three
  • 2.11 A Selection of Lessons from the Curriculum for Classes Four--Eight
  • 2.12 Morning Lessons
  • 2.13 Parent and Teacher -- Enthusiasm for Education!
  • 2.14 Of Meetings and Learnings


  • Appendix A Movement Skills
  • Appendix B Checklist: Indicators of Possible Special Learning Needs
  • Appendix C An Interpretive Device
  • Appendix D A Possible Foundation Script
  • Appendix E Number Orientation -- to help your children face number symbols correctly
  • Appendix F Self-evaluation
  • Appendix G Planners and Record Sheets
  • Appendix H Record Keeping -- for individual children
  • Appendix I When Nothing Seems to be Working
  • Appendix J Your Most Precious Resource -- care for your voice!
  • Appendix K How Are Your Children Sitting?
  • Appendix L An Aid to Note Taking

This edition replaces A Handbook for Waldorf Class Teachers, 2nd Edition.

144 pages, 8 1/4" x 9 1/2", 2016.

Available June, 2016. Pre-order now!

Rudolf Steiner's Curriculum for Waldorf Schools - 5th Edition

E. A. Karl Stockmeyer

Translated by Roland Everett-Zade



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From the Publisher:
This book is a new edition of this in-depth exploration of the curriculum of the first Waldorf school, expanding on the original 'Lehrplan'. Divided into sections, the book outlines Steiner's comments on schools and lessons in general, as well as many details on his thinking on specific issues ranging from different age groups to classroom decoration and arrangement. This clear study of Steiner's ideas on education and child development is an important book for all Steiner-Waldorf teachers.

From Nancy (previous edition):
Taken as a living document, Karl Stockmeyer's collection of various things Rudolf Steiner said about the curriculum for Waldorf education, particularly because they are juxtaposed by his commentaries and reports of things that were done at the Stuttgart school, is a thought-provoking source of inspiration to anyone teaching the grades and high school. Karl Stockmeyer served as a teacher and administrator at the original Waldorf School in Stuttgart during Steiner's time and continued on after Steiner's death in 1925. His compilation of Steiner's thoughts on the curriculum is perhaps the richest and broadest source of both inspiration and direction available on the subject.

Although the English translation is fairly stiffly rendered, at least to an American English speaker's ear, the liveliness of the thoughts and descriptions that are conveyed transcends that minor difficulty, making this exciting reading for anyone with an interest in further the aims of Waldorf education. It is small wonder that it has been at the side of so many teachers throughout the years.

This edition replaces Rudolf Steiner's Curriculum for Waldorf Schools - 4th Edition

256 pages, 8 1/4" x 9 1/2", 2015.

Towards Creative Teaching - 3rd Edition

Notes to an Evolving Curriculum for Steiner Waldorf Class Teachers

Edited by Martyn Rawson and Kevin Avison

Translated by Johanna Collis



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Towards Creative Teaching is a truly comprehensive overview of all main-lesson and accompanying subjects, offering a wealth of guidance, knowledge and inspiration for Waldorf class teachers. This wonderful resource book for Steiner-Waldorf teachers offers ideas for planning, shaping and developing lessons for Classes 1 to 8.

Taking the Waldorf curriculum as its basis, and without being restrictive or prescriptive, this book comes out of a teachers' working group and provides helpful suggestions to both class teachers and subject specialists, adding to the richness and imagination of each teacher's own work.

It offers a truly comprehensive overview of all main-lesson and accompanying subjects, bringing with it a wealth of guidance, knowledge and inspiration for Waldorf class teachers.

A must-have for any class teacher or homeschooler working within Waldorf education. Very highly recommended!

This edition replaces Towards Creative Teaching - 2nd Edition.

256 pages, 6 1/8" x 9 1/4", 2013.

The Tasks and Content of the Steiner-Waldorf Curriculum

Edited by Martyn Rawson and Tobias Richter



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Based on many years of research and consultation, this presentation of the Steiner Waldorf curriculum provides a modern, compehensive overview of what is taught in Steiner Waldorf Schools and why. Over 50 experienced teachers from several countries have contributed to this work. As well as describing the content and methods of the Waldorf curriculum, this book also provides a concise and accessible overview of the educational basis for the Steiner Waldorf approach as well as detailing many practical aspects of school structure and organization.

The book includes:

  • A summary of the ideas underpinning this education
  • A survey of child development in relation to the curriculum
  • A description of key elements in the Waldorf approach
  • Evaluation and assessment in Steiner Waldorf education
  • Self-management in Steiner Waldorf schools
  • The principles and practice of Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Education
  • A horizontal curriculum for grades 1-12, with educational criteria
  • A vertical curriculum for each individual subject

The Curriculum of the First Waldorf School

Assembled by Caroline von Heydebrand

Softbound, saddle stitched


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NOTE: This title is out of print. You might consider Rudolf Steiner's Curriculum for Waldorf Schools as an alternative.

Caroline von Heydebrand was greatly admired by Steiner for her teaching in the original Waldorf School of Stuttgart.  Her gifts with children were matched by her understanding of the intentions of the curriculum and its contents, as well as by her personal creativity.

This little booklet detailing the curriculum as it was taught in those very early years is a beautiful compilation of which things were to be taught, why they needed to be taught, and what the long range benefits to the students would be for each year's subjects.

Although in many ways The Curriculum of the First Waldorf School could be characterized as a collecti0n of notes, there is an inspiring power in the simplicity of their presentation and the fact that they so often contain remarks and asides that shed great light on the whys and wherefores of Waldorf education.

It is a joy to be able to offer this book to all of you who are interested in the foundations of Steiner's pedagogy.

A Steiner-Waldorf Mathematic Resource

Grades 1-8

Eric Fairman

A Path of Discovery Book

A compilation of mathematic resources taken from A Path of Discovery - Grades 1-8. Revised and with additional material.

Comb Bound


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Eric Fairman's Mathematic Resource offers a beautiful, wonderfully useful overview of the mathematics curriculum for the entire 8 grades. Now, in one volume, you can see not only what to teach in any given grade, but where that teaching is headed and/or how the foundation for it has been laid. This will be of enormous help to homeschoolers and class teachers alike - assessing a student's level and finding ways to augment their studies will become much, much easier.

A Steiner-Waldorf Mathematic Resource also contains new material as well as revisions of past publications.


  • Grade 1 - Introduction to Numbers and the Four Processes
  • Grade 2 - Shapes, Number Patterns and Skills
  • Grade 3 - Measurement
  • Grade 4 - Review and Fractions
  • Grade 5 - Decimals and Fractions
  • Grade 6 - Geometry and Business Math
  • Grade 7 - Geometry, Geometric Proofs, Logarithmic patterns
  • Grade 8 - Platonic Solids
  • Appendix: Fraction Dominoes for Grade Four

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