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Teaching Spanish in Waldorf Schools

Elena Forrer, Claudio Salussa, Enid Silvestry, Inés Camano, Barbara Flynn, Carmiña Luce, Diamela Wetzl



At last! Some practical, experience-based insight into not only the “whys” of foreign language teaching within Waldorf education, but most especially the “hows” of teaching a particular language – in this case, Spanish. Senderos is a masterful compilation of long-experienced Spanish language teachers guidance. It is loaded with specific examples, and progressive, level-by-level suggestions for lessons (when to introduce this, how to introduce that). It details the oral approach used in grades one through three and explores the integration of writing, reading, and grammar in grades four through eight.

A tip that I haven’t found covered in this book but deserves mentioning is that it was not Rudolf Steiner’s intent that all students stay with their grades for foreign language classes. He had hoped to divide the students into ability-based groups and teach these groups at the level of language they were able to learn, regardless of which grade they were in. This plan never came to fruition because the school lacked the funds to implement it. Later, it was forgotten that anything other than keeping students within their grade was ever intended. See Faculty Meetings with Rudolf Steiner for more information.