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A New Approach to Childcare

Bernadette Raichle



Creating a Home for Body, Soul, and Spirit answers with beauty and love the needs of children everywhere, and conveys a joyous hope to all adults how care for those children.

Because she took seriously the fact that many homes require the parent(s) to work away from their young children, and because she has such a great love for children and our world, she created one of the most beautiful and life-giving childcare centers anywhere.

In Creating a Home, she shares not only pictures of the life of Awhina (her center), but something more: she goes on to relate clear the developmental needs of the fourfold human being and in the most practical terms discusses how it is that caregivers can meet them within young children. Her’s is a stirring, heartwarming account that is at the same time clear and deep.

Anyone who cares for children, particularly other people’s children, will want to read this book and commit its wisdom to heart. I truly believe that the future will smile in return.