Children in the Garden

Green Fingers and Muddy Boots

A Year in the Grden for Children and Families

Ivor Santer

Includes a CD-ROM with worksheets



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Here is a beautiful, wonder-filled introduction to the joys of gardening! Packed with photos and drawings of birds, bees, flowers, vegetables and much, much more, Green Fingers and Muddy Boots is so evocative of the pleasures of working with nature that you'll find yourself setting it down frequently in favor of going out and getting your hands into some soil. Which I know the author would love for you and children everywhere to do.

Green Fingers and Muddy Boots—with worksheets on the accompanying CD—presents practical and fun activities in the garden for every month of the year, come rain or shine. Activities range from growing flowers and vegetables to spotting birds and tracking the weather and keeping a garden diary.

The activities are suitable for seven- to fourteen-year-olds. Although older children will be able to work independently, it can be fun to work together as a family or school class.

This book is based on the original “Plant and Grow” course developed with the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society, which has been used successfully by many families and schools for several years.

We recommend it as wonderful for children of all ages! You can never be too young or too old to get out into the garden.

Gardening with Young Children

Beatrys Lockie



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I have personally been waiting for over 20 years for someone to write this beautiful book. It is a joy to see it and to recognize in it everything I've ever wanted to see on this topic placed between two covers.

Beatrys Lockie is a passionate organic gardener who taught in a Waldorf kindergarten for many years and found a seemingly unlimited number of ways to pass along to young children her enthusiasm for gardening. Anyone wanting to do the same will love this book as much as I do.

In fact, anyone wanting to learn to garden from a master will love this book, for she includes all the basics of gardening along with her ways of sharing it with our little ones.

And, if you already know how to garden, but want to learn how to work with young children, she shows you that, too. The first part of the book is like walking into her kindergarten where she quietly shows us the rhythms and ways of what is to me a sacred space wherein children can blossom.

Gardening with Young Children answers so many needs with so much love that it simply brings tears to my eyes to read it. I hope that it becomes the seed to many, many gardens that invite children into the world of nature.

A Child's Garden

60 Ideas to Make Any Garden Come Alive for Children

Molly Dannenmaier



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It's clear that Molly Dannenmaier loves children and gardening with all her heart -- and has shared those loves with us in A Child's Garden, a heart-stoppingly beautiful, wonderful book.

I should be clear that this is not a book about gardening with children, but rather a banquet of ideas for creating gardens that invite children into the wonder and beauty of nature. Between its covers, she presents us with ideas for gardens large enough to encompass areas of parks and schools all the way down to postage stamp gardens and wee corners made to delight a child.

Among the hundreds of photos beckoning you into the realm of garden design are articles that invite us adults into the world as seen from the eyes of a child. In fact, her essays on the history of children's gardens and the nature of play could easily grace books on Waldorf education, so to-the-heart-of-the-matter are they.

Whether you are considering your window box, your back yard, or the landscape design for a school or community play area, A Child's Garden will breathe life, inspiration and lots and lots of warmth into your gardening and into children's lives. Simply wonderful!

Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots

Gardening Together with Children

Sharon Lovejoy


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In this high-spirited, biggest of all third book, Sharon Lovejoy presents 12 enthusiastic, easy-to-implement ideas for theme gardens that will have parents and children discovering more and more reasons to stay in the garden! Lovejoy's ideas, as always, are so alive with possibility that we bet you don't finish the book before you start a new garden. If you have access to land, check out the Zuni Waffle Garden, the Flowering Maze Garden. If you live in an apartment, the Buckets, Boxes and Boots Garden will make your heart sing. May every seed you plant, flourish; may every garden you dream spring to life!

Sunflower Houses

Garden Discoveries for Children of All Ages

Sharon Lovejoy


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"Once you care about gardens, birds, bugs, and flowers," says author Sharon Lovejoy, "you will never have a boring day. Even the tiniest experience can seem like a miracle." As if this weren't reason enough to introduce children to the burgeoning life of a garden, Lovejoy has given us a book (actually, two books - you'll want to see her Hollyhock Days also) packed with all manner of simple pleasures and treats. Make clover chains, maple seed spectles, firefly lanterns. Have you ever checked your watch when the Four O'Clocks bloomed? Made a teepee from runner beans, morning glories or sunflowers? Hundreds more delights and diversions are gathered together in this book which will make gardening a joyous adventure for the young and the young-at-heart.