Tales from Africa


Nelson Mandela's Favorite African Folktales

Collected & Retold by Nelson Mandela

Illustrated with specially commissioned paintings by African artists.

Softbound, Large Format


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It is my wish that the voice of the storyteller may never die in Africa, that all the children of the world may experience the wonder of books.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela's Favorite Folktales is a cause for celebration, a landmark work that gathers in one volume many of Africa's most cherished folktales. Mandela has selected these 32 tales with the specific hope that Africa's oldest stories, as well as a few new ones, be perpetuated by future generations and be appreciated by children thoughout the world.

In these beloved tales, rich with the essence of Africa, we meet, among others, a Kenyan lion named Simba, a snake with seven heads, and a Zulu trickster.  We hear voices of the scheming hyena and learn how the animals acquired their tails and horns.  There are several creations myths that take us to the beginnings of all things and people.

As good as the tales are the lavish and beautiful illustrations - they offer a rich backdrop to this treasure chest of stories.

This is a wonderful addition to the world of folklore and a gift to families and children. Enjoy, enjoy!

African Folktales

Traditional Stories of the Black World

Selected and Retold by Roger D. Abrahams



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This is a funny, earthy, wise and riotous collection of stories from a variety of African cultures. Some of these stories are simple, humorous tales, just right for very young children. Others have themes that involve the complexity of human relationships and of the relationship of humans to the divine. These will interest older children, even teenagers, and can be the source of much after-thought and discussion. Overall, this is a gem of a book - one to use not only as a source of great stories to share, but also to return to again and again to partake of its wonder and beauty. The rhythms of tribal song and dance reverberate through the graceful voice of the storyteller on every page. Abrahams shows great heart in the retelling of these stories.

For the Children of the World

Stories and Recipes from the Internatinoal Association for Steiner/Waldorf Early Childhood Education

Louise deForest, Editor

Illustrated by Gudrid Malmsten



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Here is a joyous collection of folktales from around the world, retold from the heart for young children.  In addition to some of the best stories the world's people have to offer, an extra treat is the recipes from many of the cultures that contributed to this rich and wonderful book.  Each recipe was clear chosen to be tasty and wholesome for young children, as well as being simple enough to make while tending our little ones.  Altogether, this is a vibrant collection that evokes love and wonder.  I can't recommend it highly enough.



  • The Name of the Tree (South Africa)


  • Tunjur, Tunjur (Israel)
  • Momotaro, the Peach Boy (Japan)


  • The Little Flame
  • The Little Possum Who Wanted a Peach
  • Time for Bed
  • Where Has Father Sun Gone?
  • Recipe: Peppercorn Birthday Cake


  • The Duckling's Journey (Austria)
  • The Story of the Cat with the Long, Long Tail (Belgium)
  • Tailor Tom (Denmark)
  • Little Ash Squirel and Little Oak Squirrel (France)
  • Turlutin (France)
  • The Lantern (Germany)
  • Speaking Grapes, Smiling Apples and Ringing Peaches (Hungary)
  • The Old Woman and the Little Mouse (Sweden)
  • Sir Cat-O-Puss (Ukraine)
  • The Soupstone Story (United Kingdom)
  • Recipes:  Spitzbuben Cookies, Michaelmas Soup, St. John's Elderflower Drink, Potato Pogatcha, Salty Pretzels, Hot Cross Buns


  • How the Robin Got Its Red Breast (Canada)
  • Tajin and the Seven Thunders (Mexico)
  • The Legend of the Tepozteco (Mexico)
  • The Story of the Jumping Mouse (United States)
  • Recipes: Cree Bannock Bread, Tamales, Birthday Muffins


  • The Magic Stone (Brazil)
  • The Golden Fish and the Magic Star (Brazil)
  • The Little Seed (Brazil)

Also available in the Spanish Edition, Para Los Ninos del Mundo