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The Woman Who Outshone the Sun

La mujer que brillaba aún más que el sol

A dual language book

From a poem by Alejandro Cruz Martinez


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The Woman Who Outshone the Sun is a Mexican legend of Lucia Zenteno, a beautiful woman who arrives in a mountain village with an iguana at her side and hair so glorious it outshines the sun. How the villagers react to her extraordinary presence - and how she responds to them - form this story, beautifully retold in both English and Spanish. For reading to children in their mother tongue, ages 4-5 and up. For children to practice English or Spanish as a second language, at the end of the first year of instruction to the middle of the second year.

Grandma Fina and Her Wonderful Umbrellas - La Abuelita Fine y sus sombrillas maravillosas

Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Illustrated by Geronimo Garcia



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Grandma Fina is one of those people blessed with eyes that see only what is wonderful - including the torn and tattered yellow umbrella she uses to shade herself from the sun. As she walks down the street, she greets her children and grandchildren and neighbors, who always love to stop and chat with her. But everyone of them secretly thinks that Grandma Fina's yellow umbrella is not wonderful and needs to be replaced. On her birthday, she receives a new umbrella from each of them - what will she do with so many umbrellas? The answer is a warm and joyous delight, sure to be loved in your child's mother-tongue by anyone over 4. As an early reader in Spanish as a second language, it is suitable for the second or third year. As an early reader in English as a second language, it is appropriate for the third year. A great story whenever it is read!