Eurythmy ~ Movement ~ Games

Movement Journeys and Circle Adventures, Volume 2

Therapeutic Support for Early Childhood, Volume 2

Nancy Blanning and Laurie Clark


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Another great volume from long-time Waldorf teachers and theraputic educators Nancy Blanning and Laurie Clark! Volume Two is a collection of all new songs and movement activities for young children designed to help develop healthy senses. Also included are the essays on the senses and sensory development from Volume One.

The book begins with an essay from the authors on the changes they have observed in children in recent years:

We observe that children are having difficulty finding their way into physical life in a harmonious way, into a sense of well-being. The body is not a comfortable home where they can feel relaxed and safe. A close look at these phenomena reveals that they are related to the four foundational senses of touch, life, self-movement, and balance.

Complete with nursery rhyme movement, bean bag games, seasonal suggestions, how to prepare the environment and what is happening "under the surface" with movements and activities, this book is a must-have resource for anyone working with younger children.

8 1/2" x 11", 2016.

Games Children Sing and Play

Singing Movement Games to Play with Children Ages 3-5

Joan Carr Shimer and Valerie Baadh Garrett


Foreword by Jane Miller, EdD

Introduction by Sally Goddard Blythe


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A lot has been 'said' about protecting childhood, but this beautifully written and produced book will show you 'how'. The authors have poured a lifetime of what works for young children into these pages for us.

- Kim John Payne, M.Ed.
Author of Games Children Play and Simplicity Parenting

Games Children Sing and Play is a joyous outpouring of happy games for young children to play, for adults to teach, and for families and classrooms to experience the happy delight that flows out of these songs, movements and fun.  It is a book that will be welcomed anywhere there are children who want to play and adults who want to offer them the best foundation for life, along with a sense of happy security and peace.

Games Children Sing and Play is a treasury of thirty-four favorite, time-tested games for playing with three- to five-year-old children.  Not only is this book easy to use with children, but the authors also explain how these enchanting games help children develop in healthy ways.

This collection includes traditional gems and new games created or adapted for today's children. The magical weaving of rhythms, movement, songs, stories, and imaginative pictures invite children into worlds of vibrant wonder. These games help children feel at home in their bodies, become aware of others, and build relationships.  The authors give tips for using the games with children, and describe:

  • How games help child development and physical co-ordination
  • How healthy movement helps children's learning
  • How movement games develop the senses

In Games Children Sing and Play experienced educators Valerie Baadh and Joan Carr Shimer draw on both Spacial Dynamics and Waldorf early years education. Having worked extensively with children, they aim to encourage a healthy movement culture that counters our one-sided sedentary culture, with games that help children develop varied play and movement skills.  The authors offer these story games to educators and parents to provide children with a shared space for playing, growing, and learning.

Hopscotch, Hangman, Hot Potato, & Ha Ha Ha

A Rulebook of Children's Games

Jack Maguire

Introduction by Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo)



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Never again be at a loss of suggestions for "things to do"! Hopscotch . . . is packed with over 250 games, ranging from sports games to indoor games, travel, water, memory and card games. Anything you every played as a child is here - and much more besides. This is a resource book with more potential to generate happiness and health than stacks of most other books. We are very excited to be able to offer this classic treasury and hope it helps more children find the way back to active, joyful play.


  • Indoor Games for Sunny Days and Rainy Days
  • Games to Play on Grass and Playgrounds
  • Games to Play on Pavement, Steps and Stoops
  • Games to Play in Water
  • Party Games for Any Occasion
  • Travel Games for Fun on the Road

Games Children Play

How games and sport help children develop

Kim Brooking-Payne



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This is an exciting collection of games and activities for children from preschool through the teenage years. Interspersed with over 200 games, organized by age group, are articles and commentary on the benefits of the various activities for healthy development, and suggestions as to how to help children overcome challenges of coordination and strength. This is a great book for teachers, parents, coaches, and anyone interested in the relationship between physical and personal development. Kim Brooking-Payne is to be congratulated for his truly excellent work.

Movement Journeys and Circle Adventures

Movement Enrichment with a Therapeutic Approach for Early Childhood

Nancy Blanning and Laurie Clark

Spiral Bound


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What a joy! Here is an entire book filled not just with charming circle games and songs for the kindergarten, but with charming games and songs that have been created to help our young children find their way into their bodies and souls. In more prosaic language, these games and movement songs address the spatial integration and sensory processing development issues that it seems more and more children are struggling with.

However you think about it, this is a book of genius and a gift to young children. The games are delightful - teachers and parents will have as much fun as the children. And, they are brilliantly thought out to include movement forms that will bring the children into the world with strength and balance.

This is a truly essential resource of the caliber of AHE's Resource Teacher's Developmental Exercise Manual. Use it. Love it.

The Well-Balanced Child - Movement and Early Learning

Sally Goddard Blythe



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Sally Goddard Blythe thoroughly explains why movement is so important for the healthy development of babies and young children. She describes movement, balance, reflexes, learning, and behavior in early education and how music affects brain development. The book includes songs, games and, activities that encourage learning at key stages of development.

Here is a unique and holistic approach to the senses, movement, the brain, play, and movement. It is also a valuable resource for helping parents and professionals assess children with learning difficulties and for dealing with learning and behavioral problems through movement.

This one is highly recommended for all early education teachers and parents of young children.

Sally Goddard Blythe is director of The Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology, which researches the effects of neurological dysfunction in specific learning difficulties, and devises effective remedial programs. She is the author of Reflexes Learning and Behaviour as well as numerous professional papers and articles.

Growing an In-Sync Child

Simple, Fun Activities to Help Every Child Develop, Learn, and Grow

Carol Kranowitz, M.A. and Joye Newman, M.A.


Foreword by Jane M Healy, Ph.D.


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Originally $17.00 -

Here is a bright and cheerful compendium of genuinely fun activities and games to play with children.  The key difference between Growing an In-Sync Child and other collections of children's games is that each and every activity is designed to integrate the sensory perceptions of the child playing it.  In many ways, Growing an In-Sync Child is similar to The Resource Teacher's Developmental Exercise Manuals 1 and 2, but focuses more on things adults and children can do together.

Growing an In-Sync Child can be used to help children with sensory integration issues, but it can also be used happily and successfully to help any child happily develop a balanced body and mind.  This is really a brilliant collection of activities, very similar to both Extra Lesson exercises and Brain Gym.  I can't think of a better book to keep handy if you have or work with children.

Very highly recommended!

Touch the Earth Gently

Games and Sports - Class 1 to 12

Alan Whitehead


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A great collection of games and movement activities for Waldorf physical education through all 12 grades. Contents: the class trip, family and fun, games and sport, elementary games, water games, facilities, ball games, 7 movements, children's gymnastics, 4 temperaments, bush games, field games, indoor games, equipment games, high school sports, sport physiology, scuba diving, martial arts, sport's a joke!, fishing? clean-up, Australia, hunting?!, dancing, Steiner as sportsperson


Movement for the Young Child

A Handbook for Eurythmists and Kindergarten Teachers

Estelle Bryer

New edition

Formerly titled: Eurythmy for the Young Child

Softbound, large format


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Eurythmy for the Young Child is a stunning collection of stories, songs and poems that will serve your children equally well as the basis for eurythmy, storytime, circle time or simple, delightful interludes throughout the day.

Estelle Bryer has had 45 years experience working with kindergarten children as teacher, adviser, puppeteer and eurythmy therapist but specializing as kindergarten eurythmist. The all-encompassing contents are a culmination of her work. The delightful lessons are suitable for circle time or eurythmy lessons (ages 3-8years), and are complete in themselves. They cover the seasons, festivals and stories such as the Turnip or Golden Goose and more, and include written music. They have separate suggestions for use by the kindergarten or eurythmy teacher.

There are also helpful suggestions and instructions for the kindergarten teacher or eurythmist in handling problems, creating moods and using descriptive gestures or vowels and consonants. The importance of eurythmy and the why and how it effects the development of the young child is clearly gone into as well as all the vital elements used for healthy growth. The stories, songs and poems are highly imaginative and fun!

This is another wonderful contribution by our friends at WECAN.


Come Unto These Yellow Sands

Eurythmy, Movement and Classroom Experience

Molly von Heider


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This book is one of those real gems that was available when my own children were young (I still have my well-worn copy), then went out of print and now is available again. I feel enormous gratitude to the publisher that this delicious collection of songs, poems, games and master-teacher suggestions and thoughts is once again available.

There are so many ways to use this book - if you are a parent, the rhymes and songs will gladden your children's days (and yours!); if you are a class teacher, there is a wealth of group games, songs to sing and poems to recite; if you are a eurythmist or movement specialist, you'll find each of the songs or poems suggests its own special movement and von Heider's comments and suggestions will inspire your own creative insights.

I personally used this book both as a source book for the delight of my children and also when when I was working with special needs children to devise ways to help them connect more fully to the world through movement. I found it an inexhaustible treasure trove, one which I now recommend without reservation.

Kinesthetic Learning for Adolescents

learning through movement and eurythmy

Leonore Russell



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Each elementary school child has opportunities on a daily basis to learn by using his hands, by moving, singing and through other activities. Learning with movement activities brings joy and success. Is this learning modality given the attention it warrants at the secondary level? Do high school students need to just grapple with information or do they need to be engaged and active in their learning? This book addresses these questions and presents many examples, most notably through eurythmy.


The Physiology of Eurythmy Therapy

Hans-Broder von Laue and Elke E von Laue


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Eurythmy is a modern art of movement, and eurythmists work in the areas of art, healing, and education. The benefits as a healing social art are well known for both children and adults.

Rudolf Steiner gave a course on eurythmy therapy in which he described the process of “re-enlivening the whole physiology.” The authors of this book have researched eurythmy therapy for many years and The Physiology of Eurythmy Therapy is a comprehensive overview of their work.  As such, it is also the clearest, most thorough explanation available in English as to the nature of the transformation of sound into eurythmy gestures and the effects of those gestures on the human body and soul.  For practicing eurythmists and anyone who would like to explore and understand the profound healing potential of eurythmy as therapy.


Finger Strings

A Book of Cat's-Cradles and String Figures

Michael Taylor

Hard paperback over inside spiral - includes 2 brightly colored finger strings


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Finger string games are a wonderful opportunity for today’s children to practice meaningful movement, explore space, interact with others, and exercise their creative spirits. They are also great fun!

String games can be especially useful to children who struggle at school or are dyslexic, and for those who are learning the concepts of “left and right” and “up and down.” Finger Strings contains games that will delight all children, from the very young to those with greater dexterity.

Michael Taylor has many years of experience working with children and has shared his string figures at schools and camps throughout the world. Finger Strings contains more than eighty inventive, imaginative string games and stories, all clearly illustrated with step-by-step, color diagrams. This book is designed especially to require minimal page-turning while making string shapes.