Waldorf Books

Bob, Keri and I have been more than a little busy for quite a while as we reinvented our Waldorf Books web site.  The happy day has come at last when we can share it with you.  Along with a lot of behind-the-scenes upgrades (database, easier editorial interface, better search engine, etc.), there are some highly visible improvements and enhancements which we think you’ll enjoy. 

From our perspective, one of the most important new features allows us to invite you to help others by rating and reviewing our books. 

New Reader Ratings New Reader Ratings

Each book can be quickly rated on a 1-5 scale (1 = awful; 5 = wonderful) by just clicking on the appropriate star.  You can rate a book only once, so be careful not to click too soon.  You can also expand on your rating by writing a more extensive review.  We can’t think of a better way to help others find the resources they need than by letting you share your experiences with them.  We will be moderating all comments just to prevent abuse, but please know that we welcome your constructive honesty and know that others will benefit from your experience.

We have also reorganized the structure of the book pages to make it much easier to find the books you need.  We have broken some enormous sections into multiple sections, and have also created new subsections from pages that had grown to gigantic proportions.  This was, for us, a joyous “clutter clearing” – one which we hope will serve you much better than before.

Our new search engine Our new search engine

Our new search engine and the database combine to make finding books much, much easier.  You’ll find that you can locate books by subject, author, title much more accurately and completely than before. 

RSS feed Subscribe to an RSS feed on any page

You can subscribe to RSS feeds from any of the pages: a feed from the New Arrivals will keep you abreast of all new offerings in our Waldorf Books shop; feeds from specific topic pages will let you see when we post new books in an area of special interest to you.

Finally, I (Nancy) now have this blog space, Reflections, which I can use to share my observations and thoughts as I have time to write them down.  I also intend to record my answers to some of what I call “frequently needed information,” such as how form drawing helps children develop and how to teach it, what sorts of movement exercises are especially helpful for sensory integration, etc.  It’s my hope this this will, in whatever small ways, contribute health to the lives of children.

 And, as always, from our hearts to yours, thank you for your support and enthusiasm over the years.  And thank you especially for your work and energy on behalf of the world’s children.  It is our hope that they are the true beneficiaries of all that we and you do.