Love ~ Marriage

Reflections on the Mysteries of Love

René M. Querido


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René Querido spent a lifetime teaching and mentoring students seeking to discover the meaning of their lives. In Reflections on the Mystery of Love, one of his students asks some of the intimate questions that many people wonder about or struggle with, so that the responses can be shared with a wider audience.

Reflections is a fascinating book, touching on just about ever question I've ever asked or heard asked about Love in its many forms. This is great reading which leaves the heart full.

Perhaps falling in love should be renamed "rising in love." That sexual attraction may play a powerful part is undeniable and wholesome, but the soul spiritual aspects are equally important and will shape the relationship as it develops over the weeks, the months, and the years. We can, then, begin to ask ourselves, Why have we met? Is it coincidence? Is the fact that the loved one enters our life a mere accident? Isn't something of a mystery involved in our being brought together? Poets during the past two hundred years have expressed the wonder of this mystery.

René Querido from Reflections on the Mystery of Love