Hopscotch, Hangman, Hot Potato, & Ha Ha Ha

A Rulebook of Children's Games

Jack Maguire

Introduction by Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo)



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Never again be at a loss of suggestions for "things to do"! Hopscotch . . . is packed with over 250 games, ranging from sports games to indoor games, travel, water, memory and card games. Anything you every played as a child is here - and much more besides. This is a resource book with more potential to generate happiness and health than stacks of most other books. We are very excited to be able to offer this classic treasury and hope it helps more children find the way back to active, joyful play.


  • Indoor Games for Sunny Days and Rainy Days
  • Games to Play on Grass and Playgrounds
  • Games to Play on Pavement, Steps and Stoops
  • Games to Play in Water
  • Party Games for Any Occasion
  • Travel Games for Fun on the Road

Games Children Play

How games and sport help children develop

Kim Brooking-Payne



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This is an exciting collection of games and activities for children from preschool through the teenage years. Interspersed with over 200 games, organized by age group, are articles and commentary on the benefits of the various activities for healthy development, and suggestions as to how to help children overcome challenges of coordination and strength. This is a great book for teachers, parents, coaches, and anyone interested in the relationship between physical and personal development. Kim Brooking-Payne is to be congratulated for his truly excellent work.

Touch the Earth Gently

Games and Sports - Class 1 to 12

Alan Whitehead


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A great collection of games and movement activities for Waldorf physical education through all 12 grades. Contents: the class trip, family and fun, games and sport, elementary games, water games, facilities, ball games, 7 movements, children's gymnastics, 4 temperaments, bush games, field games, indoor games, equipment games, high school sports, sport physiology, scuba diving, martial arts, sport's a joke!, fishing? clean-up, Australia, hunting?!, dancing, Steiner as sportsperson

Finger Strings

A Book of Cat's-Cradles and String Figures

Michael Taylor

Hard paperback over inside spiral - includes 2 brightly colored finger strings


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Finger string games are a wonderful opportunity for today’s children to practice meaningful movement, explore space, interact with others, and exercise their creative spirits. They are also great fun!

String games can be especially useful to children who struggle at school or are dyslexic, and for those who are learning the concepts of “left and right” and “up and down.” Finger Strings contains games that will delight all children, from the very young to those with greater dexterity.

Michael Taylor has many years of experience working with children and has shared his string figures at schools and camps throughout the world. Finger Strings contains more than eighty inventive, imaginative string games and stories, all clearly illustrated with step-by-step, color diagrams. This book is designed especially to require minimal page-turning while making string shapes.

Journey to Gameland

How to Make a Board Game from your Favorite Children's Book

Ben Buchanan, Carol J. Adams, Susan Allison

Illustrated by Doug Buchanan



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Eleven-year-old Ben Buchanan, who created a board game based on the popular Harry Potter books, provides advice for all children who would like to turn their favorite book into a board game. along with his co-authors, he offers a ste-by-step process, with suggestions for parents, librarians, and teachers, on how to help children transform their favorite book into a board game.

The book shows how you can have hours of fun creating the board game - then have lots more hours of fun playing! Journey to Gameland encourages children (and parents and teachers, too!) to develop their own creativity - and to joyously engage with books.

As an aside, I found that I had hours of fun reading Journey to Gameland, too! This is a win-win book!!