Children’s Crafts

Creative Pathways

Activities that Strengthen the Child's Cognitive Forces

Elizabeth Auer



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I really, really like this book.  It has just about every activity and craft I've ever witnessed at a Waldorf school, along with lovely pencil drawings, color painting examples, and instructions for stage craft, upright loom building, guidance for main lesson illustrations and content, as well as its core grade-by-grade discussion of activities to integrate into the lessons.

There is a vigor and a joy to it that will inspire and energize any teacher or parent who uses it as a resource.  Whether you are teaching in a classroom, teaching at home, or simply want to integrate these activities into your child's life, this is a book to love.  Thank you, Elizabeth Auer!

Grades 1 thru 8.

Creative Wool

Making Woollen Crafts with Children

Karin Neuschütz


Illustrated throughout with full-color photos and line drawings


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Wool is perhaps my very favorite fiber, one that you allows you to create almost anything. This lively full-color illustrated craft book shows how to make a range of handicrafts from fleece and yarn, including toys, friendship bracelets and braids, balls, pompoms, dolls, dolls’ clothes and animals.

Neuschütz' instructions are wonderfully clear and filled with enthusiasm for the projects.  There are diagrams and systematic instructions, along with photos showing the finished item or the work in progress. Creative Wool starts by introducing children to basic methods of spinning yarn, crocheting, knitting and felting, and offers a broad range of projects for children of all ages to complete, working together with adults.

Knitted Animals

Anne-Dorthe Grigaff

Beautifully illustrated with full-color photographs throughout.

Hardbound, Sheer Delight!


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Delight a child while using odds and ends from your stash!

Here is an irresistable collection of animals to knit in soft, natural materials: ducklings, teddy bears, lambs, piglets, hedgehogs, a handsome rooster and clucking hen, mice and more and more. Most of the projects can be quickly and inexpensively knit with odds and ends of yarn, and many can be completed in an hour or two. Not to mention that then you can present them to a beloved child and watch their eyes light up at the sight of their new friend.

Knitted Animals includes:

  • Step-by-step, clearly written instructions for making over 20 dear little animals
  • Beautiful full-color photographs throughout
  • Many projects that are suitable for older children to make themselves

Beginning and experienced knitters alike will love this charming book.


Nature Activities for Children

Irmgard Kutsch and Brigitte Walden



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It is thrilling to see the second of this vibrant 4-book series in print in English. It is every bit as beautiful and as inspiring as it's companion volume, Autumn, and I expect it will do a great deal to get all of us outdoors and loving our dear world more and more.

Spring is the time of creating and cleaning, of building and renewing, and each of the activities suggested here harness our impulses as they connect us and our children with the earth and nature. It's hard to imagine more exhilarating and inspiring activity ideas than these.

Here's what's inside:

Introduction Between Heaven and Earth


  • Nesting
    • Our Native Birds in Spring
    • Even Younger Children Can Help Build a Nesting Box
    • Nesting Help for Birds Box for hole nesters
    • Box for eave or platform nesters
  • Sowing, Planting, Growing
  • Sprouting Grain
  • Caring for Flowers
  • Sprouting Walnutes
    • Johnny Appleseed Grace
    • Johnny Appleseed
    • Thought about trees


  • Creating Garden Spaces
    • Garden Work and Health
    • Landscaping a Garden as a Group Project
    • Actively Shaping Our Surroundings
    • Gardens at the Root of Social Change
  • What to Consider When Landscaping a Garden
    • Initial considerations
    • Action guidelines
    • Conclusions
  • Landscaping Ideas
    • Layered tree trunk wall
    • Climbing wall
    • Tree stump spiral for climbing and sitting
    • Twig layer wall
    • Building with stone and wood
    • A root mountain
    • Nesting places for insects, bats, wild bees and wasps
    • A willow arbour
    • Making a spring flute from a willow branch
    • Play pit
    • Stone herb garden
    • Paradise garden
    • Earthworms - compost in a worm box
    • Potato box
    • Strawberry pots
    • Keeping pets
    • April does what she wants


  • Plant-based dyes and paints
    • Making Dyes
    • Color chart for plant dyeing
    • Characteristics of plants used for dyeing
    • Painting with plant-based paints
    • The invigorating effect of plant colors
  • Milk Processing
    • The Cow - Serving humankind since ancient times
    • Milk - Lifeblood of the child
    • What can be made from milk
  • Beekeeping
    • From forest bees to beekeeping
    • The Bee Colony
    • Biology of the Bees
    • Beehives
    • Bee products
    • Swarming
    • How can children be included in beekeeping

Further reading and resources

So - grab your sweaters, put on your shoes and let's go outside!


Nature Activities for Children

Irmgard Kutsch & Brigitte Walden



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Ahhh! Those lazy, hazy days filled with wonder and adventure and the vibrancy of life. In this sunny book that completes the seasonal Nature Activities series, Irmgard Kutsch and Brigitte Walden take children on a stroll through the wonders of the outdoor world in full bloom. Whether you are fortunate enough to have a rural countryside at your front door, or have window box gardens and city parks as your touchstone to nature, you'll love this book and find hundred's of ways to delight the children in your care with the natural world.

Inside you'll find:

The Story of This Book
An Invitation


Working with Herbs

  • The Herb Garden
  • Raised Beds for Herbs
  • Working with Herbs: Basic Skills
  • Herb Recipes

Breeding Butterflies

  • Butterflies: a Symbol of Beauty
  • Looking after Caterpillars
  • A Butterfly's Favourite Places
  • From Caterpillar to Butterfly
  • Making a Butterfly Cage



  • A Bridge to Lie on
  • Ponds and Streams
  • Water: Lessons for Life



  • Giant Soap Bubbles
  • Conscious Listening


  • A simple fireplace
  • Building an underground oven
  • Building a clay overn
  • Building a clay ball oven
  • A wood-fired kiln
  • Some thoughts on responsibility, safety and supervision


From Grain to Bread

  • Healthy Nourishment
  • Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
  • Creating an Eating Culture
  • From Whole Grain to Fine Flour: The Story of Grain
  • Grain Recipes
  • A Quick Reminder

Further Reading
The Children's Nature and Garden Centre
Special Thanks


Nature Activities for Children

Irmgard Kutsch & Brigitte Walden

Hardbound, full color photos and drawings throughout


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What a wonderful, exciting book! This is one of the best "activities with children" books I've ever been privileged to hold in my hands. Both the authors and publisher deserve a big "Thank you!" from all of us who care for children. The author's experience as teachers at the Children's Nature and Garden Centre in Reichshof just radiates off these pages!

Each and every activity suggested within this beautiful book forges a simply tie between those who do the projects and crafts and the world of nature. Here you have everything from harvesting fruits and vegetables, to building houses (including a chapter on house building in the Waldorf 3rd Grade!) to beeswax modeling. The authors exude such an enthusiasm that I think anyone who reads this book will want to get started on one of the crafts right away.

Most of the activities can easily be done within cities and towns, also -- you very definitely don't need to live in the country to create with autumn's gifts. There are some, such as extracting honey, that do require knowing someone who works vocationally with nature (and are very much worth pursuing, if possible), but the overwhelming majority of activities are simple and easy to do with materials that are not difficult to come by unless you live in the desert.

I should also add that although autumn is the theme of the book, the activities given for late autumn can take you well into winter as well -- they are very suitable for those days when we like to gather in our snug homes and make things

Here's what you'll find in between the covers:


  • Harvesting fruit and vegetables
    • Where do fruits and vegetables come from?
    • Biodynamic Farms & the environment
    • Natural wholefoods in the kindergarten
    • Information and advice
    • Eating together: A good influence
    • Understanding how things are connected
    • Training the senses
    • Recipes for freshly-harvested fruit
    • Drying fruit for the winter


  • Basket-making
    • Plants used for basket-making
    • Making a willow basket or hanging basket for flowers
    • Weaving round or oval objects
  • House-building
    • Simple houses and huts
    • Building: Putting down roots
    • Imaginative structures: Large and small
    • Building as an archetypal experience
    • Building a house together: Developing social skills
    • House-building in the third grade
    • A dedication ceremony


  • Caring for birds
    • What we can do to protect birds
    • Food for birds
  • Working with Beeswax
    • Modelingwith beeswax
    • Beeswax: A precious material
    • Dipping candles
    • Related Activities
  • Making paper
    • History and production of paper
    • Making paper with children
  • Painting and handicrafts without toxic chemicals
    • Paste and plaster
    • Glue
    • Finger-painting
    • Sand pictures
    • Nature mobile
    • Pan pipes
    • Castanets
    • Pinwheels


Nature Activities for Children

Irmgard Kutsch & Brigitte Walden



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Kutsch & Walden's third nature activities book leaves me simply breathless with excitement -- this is the best-ever compendium of winter-y joy! It all but guarantees that gloomy winter days will be a thing of the past, replaced by day after day of discovery, creativity and accomplishment. Just the ticket for home and school - which I predict will take on a warming glow of wonder with the help of these two wonderful ladies.

Here's what's inside:

The Story of this Book



  • Advent: A Time for Contemplation
  • The Advent Wreath
  • Advent: A Time for Candles
  • Blowing Ships
  • An Advent Story
  • Blooming Branches
  • Rattling Walnuts
  • Christmas Scenes
  • The True Meaning of Advent


Working with Wool

  • Working with Wool: A Rich Experience
  • Processing Wool
  • Clothing: Our Second Skin
  • Wool: from the Sheep to a Ball of Wool
  • Wool: from a Ball of Wool to a Toy Sheep
  • Free Play with Wool
  • Stories


Working with Willow

  • February: the Last Chance to Cut Willow
  • Willow: a Good Plant for Children
  • Willow: Creative Possibilities
  • Making a Latticework Willow Hedge


  • Wood: A Valuable Material
  • Forests
  • Wooden Toys
  • Listening to Wood
  • Rattles and Stick Instruments to Scare away Winter
  • More Woodworking Projects


Working with Clay

  • Pottery: a Valuable Activity
  • Basic Rules for Doing Pottery with Children
  • Clay Bowls for Easter Grass
  • Clay Insect Nests and Bird Baths


  • Further reading
  • Craft Suppliers
  • Conservation of rare domestic animals
  • The Children's Nature and Garden Centre

Children's Knitting Special - Books 1 & 2

Bonnie Gosse and Jill Allerton



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This combination of approaches is sure to help establish any child (or adult) as a great knitter!

Set includes:

A First Book of Knitting for Children

Bonnie Gosse and Jill Allerton


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This charming book is nothing less than the Waldorf approach to knitting captured between two covers. Here is everything - rhymes for each stitch, excellent step-by-step photographs, and the most delightful collection of projects we have seen gathered in one place. With the help of this book and a kind adult, any child can master the basics of knitting and then go on to create more animal and people friends than you can shake a knitting needle at! We are often asked questions about how knitting is taught in a Waldorf school - we are delighted that now we have such a wonderful way to answer them.

Knitting for Children - A Second Book

Bonnie Gosse & Jill Allerton



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The long-awaited continuations of the authors' wonderful A First Book of Knitting for Children has finally arrived! Building on their first volume, the authors bring many new skills and a wider variety of patterns to eager children and adults. Here is everything anyone needs to know about:

  • reading a pattern
  • increasing and decreasing
  • dividing work
  • picking up stitches
  • ribbing
  • multi-color knitting
  • knitting in the round
  • turning
  • double casting off
  • making proper holes

Included too are patterns for everything from sweaters and hats to gnomes, frogs, hand dolls and their clothing. This is a great book to have fun with - whether you are a child expanding your knitting horizons or an adult knitting for a beloved youngster. A terrific and inspiring resource!

Kids Knitting

Projects for Kids of All Ages

Melanie Falick



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What a great book for young knitters (and older knitters looking for an introduction they can understand)! There are delightful and useful projects that take a beginning knitter all the way from an introduction to the basic tools of the trade to dying yarn (although all the projects name the commercial yarns that were used), making needles, shearing sheep and more. Then come the projects: these range from a basic bean bag as a beginning, then a pocket scarf and hat set with optional tassels, a patchwork afghan, knit dolls, puppets, and a stuffed caterpillar, a ribbed scarf, backpacks, purses, more caps, magic spiral tube socks (I made these - a truly great pattern for anyone!) and - finally - a sweater. This introduction is hard to beat for enthusiasm and thoroughness - great for beginners of all ages!

Earth, Water, Fire and Air

Playful explorations in the four elements

Walter Kraul

3rd Edition



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This craft book for children shows how to make a waterwheel, paddle-steamer, propeller plane, parachute, windmill, simple pendulum clock, spinning tops, a little hot-air balloon, and lots more. Some suggestions are simple enough for 6 year olds, others challenging enough for a skillful 12 year old. This book is chock-full of really fun ways to learn about the world - outstanding!

American Boys Handy Book

What to Do and How to Do it

D. C. Beard

Foreword by Noel Perrin



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First published in 1882, this book contains a wealth of projects and games, with practical directions on how to make them, by one of the founders of the Boy Scouts of America. This is the ultimate pre-TV, anti-couch potato activity book. Ages 10 and up.

The Handy Book was the perfect survival manual. It contained plans for 16 kinds of kits and hot-air balloons and fishing tackle. It told you how to make and stock an aquarium, to construct a water telescope and how to camp out without a tent. Or in a hut made from pine boughs. How to build 10 kinds of boats, including a flatboat with a covered cabin. Iceboats, too. One-person canoes. Bird calls. Squirt guns with astonishing range and authority.

- Henry Kisor, Chicago Sun Times

One of our son's favorites - a great resource for any boy or girl who loves to do things outdoors.

American Girls Handy Book

How to Amuse Yourself and Others

Lynn Beard and Adelia Beard



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A magical collection of activities from projects to games to presents, complete with instructions on how to make them, by the two feisty founders of Girl Scouting in the United States. It's a cornucopia of projects, devices, toys, gifts, dolls, recipes, decorations, perfumes, wax and clay modelling, oil and watercolor painting and games, all with clear and practical directions for how to make and play them. Vintage Americana that will spring alive in the energetic hands of our modern girls.

Ages 10 and up.

Field and Forest Handy Book

D. C. Beard



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A year's worth of outdoor activities and projects from the author of The American Boy's Handy Book.

This is the Handy Book I wish I had when I was growing up. I longed to know how to go out into nature and create shelters, find food, keep myself safe. It's all here in this great book which introduces young people to the pleasures and challenges of camping. There are chapters on packing a horse, on making clothes and moccasins, on camp cooking, on building piers, boats, and sleds. Not to mention the serveral designs for simple shelters - from lean-tos to cabins sturdy enough to last the whole summer.

Beard also suggests any number of projects, plans, and schemes to entertain those whose travels take them into the open fields and forests, who want to know everything from how to build kites and birdhouses to snow houses and snow men.

Hard to imagine ever hearing "I'm bored" with this book around!

The Book of Camp-Lore and Woodcraft

Daniel C. Beard



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This is the fourth "handy book" by Dan Beard, the founder of the American Scouting movement, who believed that having boys build things with their hands was not only a detriment to making mischief, but also the basis for building great lives. Today, I would hasten to add that it's not such a bad idea for girls, either. In this belief, Beard was indefatigable, and every Scout worth his merit badge was expected to read his classic tract on camp-lore and woodcraft.

This is my favorite among the handy books, though the Field and Forest Handy Book comes in a close second. In Camp-Lore, he takes boys on a camping trip and instructs them in the art of building a fireplace and lighting a fire, designing a campsite, cooking flapjacks (not to mention muskrats and porcupines), packing a trail horse, pitching a tent and handling an axe. His texts were successful, and continue to be successful, because they threw boys back to their own devices, encouraged initiatives, and gave a convincing argument that the outdoors provided excitement and could be enjoyed by anyone who took the time to prepare.

We need more of this in our world and our children need more of this in their lives. I hope there are many children who are given the gift of being able to put to hand many of the things in this and Beard's other books. It's "just the ticket" to the healing of so much that ails us.