Celebrating Life


Little Angel's Journey

A Waldorf Birthday Story

Told and illustrated by Dzvinka Hayda

Hardbound, dustjacketed, large format


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Dvinka Hayda's birthday story is so beautiful and true that it brought tears to my eyes when first I read it. Out of her many years as a Waldorf kindergarten teacher, she has added elements to her story that I have never encountered anywhere else, and that serve to encircle the child whose birthday it is with the warm, glowing love of Heave and Earth.

Her story begins as Little Angel and Great Angel journey together toward Earth. On the way, they discover many things and Little Angel sees the Earth from cloud-filled distances, watching it and loving it more each day, learning that the Earth would be Little Angel's new home.

The day comes when Little Angel and Great Angel walk together to take Little Angel to Earth. Great Angel takes Little Angel to Radiant Sun and Silvery Moon, who have gifts that are just for Little Angel.

Down the Rainbow Bridge and into the hearts and home of Little Angel's parents they go. But Great Angel returns to Heaven, taking Little Angel's wings for safekeeping until all Little Angel's good deeds on Earth are accomplished, and Little Angel returns to use them again.

And it is this last facet which is such a poignant joy to see - that we enter the world with good deeds to do, and when they are done we shall return to Great Angel and the wings we left behind.

Any child enfolded in this tale will carry a seed of comfort, confidence and courage that will grow into an adult strength of purpose and love. My hope is that this story goes out into the world, and that for each adult who learns it, children ten-fold hear it; and for each child who hears it told to him/her, that child's confidence of life is shared with ten who have not had it told to them. May this seed become a great tree with many, many healthy, beautiful branches.



Norah Romer

Illustrated by Heather Jarman



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Five young children wait to travel with Father Time from Heaven down to Earth, on their Birthday.

Absolutely just right for our little ones!

The Seasonal Festivals in Early Childhood

Seeking the Universally Human

Edited by Nancy Foster

Part of the Gateways Series



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In the introduction, editor Nancy Foster explains that many of the beautiful festival celebrations we may think of as "Waldorf" originated not in the first Waldorf schools, but in the European cultural and religious tradition in which they were embedded. This presents a challenge for us today as we strive to renew our celebration of the seasons of the year, bringing the healing forces of a rhythmic life to the children. As Nancy says,

The inner and outer work of teachers continues to be guided by our commitment to anthroposophy and Waldorf pedagogy. The growth and development of the children in our care still follows the archetypal laws revealed to us by Rudolf Steiner's research. At the same time, the realities of our school communities present us with a context that challenges and inspires us to re-examine some of our cherished festival traditions in order to welcome and include fully every child and family.

This bountiful collection of articles, stories, songs, circles, and puppet plays provides thoughtful reflections on the cycle of the year and on the nature of each season, along with many practical ideas and materials to bring into the classroom.

Freya Jaffke, Joan Almon, Holly Koteen-Soulé, Steve Spitalny, Helle Heckmann, Nancy Foster, Barbara Klocek, Cecilia Karpoff, and Marjorie Thatcher are just some of the contributors who have lovingly shared the fruits of their research and practice.

This is an extremely valuable, thought provoking and inspiring book.  Very highly recommended.

Festivals with Children

Brigitte Barz



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Originally $15.95 -

After too long an absence, this book - beloved for its compact yet inspiring descriptions of the Christian festivals - is again available. Brigitte Barz describes the nature and character of each festival, its symbols and customs, and gives practical suggestions for celebrating these festivals within your family. Festivals with Children is much more than a craft book - it awakens an understanding ifor the festivals and inspires meaningful family celebration.


The Spiritual Background to Christian Festivals

Charles Kovacs



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The rhythms of the Earth can be seen, for example, in the daily cycle of day and night and in the yearly seasonal changes. Rudolf Steiner spoke of how Christian festivals such as Easter, Pentecost (or Whitsun), and Christmas fit not into only these patterns, but also into the macrocosmic rhythms of the cosmos and into the microcosmic human rhythms.

In this concise, readable volume, Charles Kovacs explores the structure of our calendar year and considers in detail the background to the various Christian festivals, including less popular St. John's Tide and Michaelmas.

The Spiritual Background to Christian Festivals offers inspiring insights into why we worship and celebrate at particular times, as well as discussions of the deep spiritual significance of the Christian year.

Festivals Together

Sue Fitzjohn, Minda Weston, Judy Large


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Many of us want an experiential understanding of the ways that different cultures and religions have found to love the Earth and unite with the cosmos. This book is an answer to that longing. Though focused on joyous activity, each festival is introduced with a deep respect, compassion and comprehension - the seeds that will enable these celebrations to flower within our hearts.

Festivals Together presents celebrations from Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim and Sikh faiths and incorporates regional expressions of north and west Africa, the Caribbean, China, India, Ireland, Japan, New England, the Phillipines, and more.

Festivals, Family and Food

Diana Carey and Judy Large


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Festivals, Family and Food has become a classic of its kind. It is not only a guide to celebrating festivals, but an inspiration for celebrating life itself. Packed with ideas for crafts, games and delicious food, this book stands as an invitation to the joys of family life and an inspiration to share those joys with others.

The Starry Bird

an Easter tale

Reg Down

Softbound, with lovely line drawing illustrations by the author


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Reg Down has gifted us with a happy Easter tale featuring Tiptoes Lightly and her friends. Told with humor and joy, this is just right for today's children.  It's pretty wonderful for today's adults, too. 

One morning an egg appears in the meadow below the Great Oak Tree. Neither Jeremy Mouse nor the fairy Tiptoes Lightly have ever seen such a huge egg – over a foot tall! They go to Farmer John’s in search of an answer, but without any luck, and when they return the egg has grown!

Thus begins an adventure which involves most everybody on the farm – human, animal and sprite. The egg, later hidden deep in the forest, keeps growing and finally hatches in a beautiful way on Easter Sunday.

The Starry Bird is an Easter tale with healthy doses of humor, adventure, and just plain fun. But underneath, in a form suitable for children, run the mystery-questions of life, death and resurrection that lie at the heart of Easter.


The Miracle in Bethlehem

A Storyteller's Tale

Sarah Burton



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Originally $11.95 -

Once upon a time, perhaps two thousand years ago, or maybe only yesterday, a man stood under a tree and waited. As he waited, people began to arrive: old people, young people, children, parents with babies, and even a couple of dogs. They settled on the cool grass under the shade of the great tree, all around the Storyteller, for that is who the man was. Once a year, everyone gathered round to hear him tell this story.

The storyteller’s tale is one we all think we know—the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of a very special baby. However, do we really know it? The Miracle in Bethlehem offers a unique retelling that weaves largely forgotten, ancient nativity legends into today’s more familiar narrative.

The short chapters make it ideal for nightly Advent or Holy Nights readings or for bedtime stories. Children will rediscover the wonder and sparkle of this great story by hearing it anew from some less familiar perspectives. Parents, too, will find it moving and surprising, hearing the traditional narrative through fresh ears.

(Ages 6–9)

The Christmas Star - Songbook & CD

Songs for the Christmas season from Advent to Three Kings Day to sing with children

Mary Thienes-Schunemann

Illustrated by Lura Schwarz-Smith

Introduction by Pete Seeger


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In olden times, when a person wished to express something sacred and holy, they were not allowed to speak about it, they could only sing. It was recognized that singing contained a higher power than speech and was a holy activity. There are still echoes of this ancient practice in some cultures of the world today. The memory is still present that how we use our voices to sing and speak can contribute to healing and peace, in our hearts and in the world.

- Mary Thienes-Schunemann

Tears filled my eyes several times as I listened to the CD that accompanies this extraordinary song book. It was not just that the music and singing were so very beautiful, nor was it that the songs were so well chosen, nor even that they brought back some of the best memories of my life. It was that Mary's music is all these things and something much more as well - The Christmas Star is quite simply a sun-drenched outpouring of hope and love. What could have been just one more nice collection of Christmas carols has, through her healing artistry and deep sensitivity, come into the world a gleaming, golden gift of life offered to our children and their children beyond.

I can't think of a better gift for your children, your family, yourself - a true celebration of the Light of Love kindled in the darkest season.

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47 pages, 8 1/2" x 11", Spiral Bound. Includes audio CD.