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An Anthology

Rudolf Steiner

Translated by Anna Meuss


Rudolf Steiner describes the nature of all the different angels who help guide the destiny of individuals and nations, our relationship to them, and the ways in which we understand and experience their reality. Our most exciting moment in the book came when we discovered an exercise Steiner gave for opening our inner eye to the presence of angels. We believe most of us already do this without being aware of it, and that the real “exercise” is one of becoming aware of what we already know.

Contrasted by their Counter-images

Christoph-Andreas Lindenberg

Illustrated by David Newbatt

Hardbound, Dust-jacketed


Both the lecture by Christoph-Andreas Lindenberg and the illustrations by David Newbatt are inspiring and elucidating – the sort of material in word and color that you’ll find yourself mulling over for years to come. In an unexpected way, they are also extremely practical, pointing silently, almost invisibly at how we, with our very frail human nature, can find ways to live in the world with more love, guided by more light.

Most people are familiar with an image of St Michael and the Dragon. In this book Christoph-Andreas Lindenberg with words, and David Newbatt with images, explore other attributes of St Michael, in such a way that they reveal a twelve-fold balance of key noble qualities that the human being can strive for.

Along with these virtures is also described, in contrast, the all too recognisable failings of human nature, which have to be recognised and understood before they can be overcome.

A Waldorf Reader for Advanced Fourth Grade

Text by Arthur M Pittis

Illustrations by Ausa M Peacock



The sometimes outrageous folk tales of the early days of America are the focus of this riveting reader for advanced fourth grade. You’ll find Brer Rabbit, Davy Crocket, John Henry, Johnny Appleseed, Sweet Betsy from Pike, Pecos Bill and more in this book that takes the young reader through written English and on beyond into the worlds of dialect and (appropriate) slang. What a great way to harness fourth grade energy! This reader is such fun it was hard to put it down so I could write about it.

A Waldorf Reader for Late Third Grade

Text by Arthur M Pittis

Illustrations by Ausa M Peacock



When I Hear My Heart Wonder picks up where As My Heart Awakes with even more fables and stories of saints. There is a joyous lilt to these stories, that lifts the heart as they are read in order. What a lovely thing for a child: by the end of the year, I believe these stories will entrust them with the feeling of not only having crossed the Jordan, but of having created a home for themselves in their hearts as well. Oh, and they will be learning to read very well, too.

Here’s the opening verse:

When I here my heart wonder,
The song in my soul sings
And wakes me if I slumber
To the joy of all good things

A Waldorf Reader

Text by Arthur M Pittis

Illustrations by Ausa M Peacock


Back in print!


Wonderful fables and saints tales greet the third grader in this reader designed for the first half of the school year. As with the entire series, each story builds in vocabulary and grammar, one after the other. And, as with all the books, each story is meaningful, interesting, warm, and often humorous. In this third volume the focus shifts from the worlds of the fairy tale to those that teach us how to walk in peace and love throughout our lives.

I love that it begins with:

John Wesley’s Rule

Do all the good you can,
In all the ways you can,
In all the places you can,
At all the times you can,
To all the people you can,
As long as ever you can.

I can’t think of anything else that speaks better to the heart of a child commencing third grade. And the entire volume moves forward from that jewel-like beginning.

A Waldorf Reader

Text by Arthur M Pittis

Illustrations by Ausa M Peacock


Back in print!


I have no trouble at all imagining the thrill of delight children will experience as they discovers that now they can read some of their favorite stories themselves. Arthur Pittis retells 24 folk and fairy tales from around the world in this volume, using progressively controlled and increasingly rich sight and phonetic vocabulary development from story to story. Sentence structure also develops throughout the book, taking the young reader from simple sentences to a variety of complex structures in the course of the year.

AND – and this is most important of all, at least to me – these stories simply sing with interest. There is nothing stilted or “dumbed down” about them, even the first one is alive in the telling and rich in the reading. This book and the entire series are a triumph in pedagogical reading material. Hallelujah!

A Fateful Encounter of Two Youths A German and a Roman

Jakob Streit

A Reader for 6th or 7th Grade



Geron and Virtus written by master storyteller and Waldorf teacher Jakob Streit, is a remarkable book. It is a story about two boys during the Roman campaign to conquer the Germanic tribes. It was out of this Roman/German encounter that a new Europe and the transition to a new time was born. The story is about friendship, slavery, honor, and adventure. The text is rich with spiritual insights provided by Druid priests and their stories of Nordic mythology. The book has vivid illustrations and is aimed at sixth and seventh grade students.

Grades 6-7

Two Tales from Ireland

Retold by Jakob Streit

Translated by Nina Kuettel


These two tales, one believed to date from the 17th Century and the other from more recent times, were collected by Jakob Streit and a friend while in Ireland.

The first story, “The Star Rider,” is a legend about a young man who comes to learn of a dreadful destiny said to be laid upon him by the position of the stars at the moment of his birth. It is a story of uprightness and acceptance, of injustice that is turned to right through the honesty of both accused and judge. It is a truly beautiful story with a warm, heart-opening ending.

The second tale, “Anna McLoon,” tells the story of Ireland’s last travelling storyteller, her life and the tales she told. It also speaks of a deeper connectedness to the rhythms of the world and life and death themselves.

I very much appreciate the rich and gentle translation that Nina Kuettel has provided us – her words echo the beauty of these stories in a lovely way.

As a reader, this would be good around 6th grade or later. The stories could be told a bit earlier, but there is a depth to them that will be better appreciated by older students and adults.

Padraic Colum

Illustrated by Patrick Reinhart

Wonderful as a 6th Grade Reader - a beautiful read-to for earlier years



Padraic Colum was one of the greatest English language storytellers ever to have lived. In general, his work was focused on retelling the classic tales of Western history, shaping them with vivid language and a lilting cadence such that you could almost hear his Irish voice ringing forth from the pages. Sometimes, however, he burst into a tale of his own (see, The King of Ireland’s Son, for instance) and took us into new worlds with a feeling for both story and language that is rare and unique. I just love his work.

The Boy Apprenticed to an Enchanter is one of Colum’s own creations – and it is a rich and masterful treasure. It languished in the hazy realms of out of print books for years and years, almost entirely forgotten save by a few whose tattered copies were still passed from hand to hand. Now, one of my favorite publishers, Whole Spirit Press, has brought it to life again. Hooray! It is a perfect 6th grade reader and a wonderful read-to for earlier years.

The story unfolds during the Middle Ages and is filled with mystery, intrigue and adventure. There are battles against evil in several forms, and a long journey to find the truth and Merlin the Magician (who knows all the answers). Revelation and adventure abound and include Eean arriving at the Tower of Babylon and meeting Chiron the Centaur and Hermes Trismegistus.

This is fabulous, wonderful reading that will fire the imaginations f children and adults. How lovely to see it in print again.

Grades 6-7.

Developing Communication Skills for Waldorf High School Students

Betty Staley

Folder Bound


The author explores the need for teachers to assist high school students in developing an understanding of their fellow students and suggests methods by which this can be brought about in each of the high school grades.

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