Drawing with Your Four- to Eleven-Year-Old

Christopherus Homeschool Resources Practial Waldorf at Home

Donna Simmons

Spiral bound 


This is just the ticket for anyone who is a beginner at teaching drawing to children within a Waldorf context. (It’s also great for anyone who is a beginner at drawing, period!)

Donna Simmons clearly covers all the bases, sharing with us her enthusiasm and encouragement to take up this task — and then giving us the step-by-step instruction for art along the path of the four- to eleven-year-old. There are ample illustrations in black-and-white and full color of both teacher’s examples and student’s responses. I found that both serve to not only make clear the written directions, but especially to keep the task within realistic proportions. From my perspective, this may be the most important aspect of this book — it is empowering without ever once being overwhelming. After reviewing it, I was excited to return to my earlier years and pick up the crayons and pencils once again. I think you’ll feel this same excitement and the children around you will ride the coattails of your enthusiasm as together you venture into rainbow painted worlds brimming with imagination. Our highest recommendations!

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