Comedy and Tragedy

Notes for a High School Main Lesson

Donna Simmons

Stapled booklet


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Donna Simmons was asked by the Youth Initiative High School in Viroqua, Wisconsin to teach a 4-week block on Comedy & Tragedy.  Her experience inspired her to share her notes with others – we are so very glad that she did.

In this little booklet is one of the most insightful and sensitive approaches to teaching adolescents about the world of drama that we’ve seen.  Donna’s approach is engaging, fascinating in it’s information, and designed to call forth in the student a discernment and love for the stories and wisdom that have appeared on the stage throughout history.  She begins with Greek Theater and closes with the modern play – throughout the block students learn about the structure of the play, the nature of characters and their creation, and discover the wonder of the seminal plays of Western theater. 

As I reviewed this little book, I found myself longing to go back and reread (or see again) many of the plays Donna teaches.  I can’t help but think that her block lesson will inspire the same enthusiasm in high school students.  This is a lively and invigorating block lesson!

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