Second Edition

Donna Simmons

An essential companion to Charles Kovac's Botany 

Spiral Bound


I’ve always been partial to the Waldorf school fifth grade curriculum — to me it is balanced and beautiful the way children at that age are, each subject bearing itself gracefully into the classroom.

Botany is one of those subjects, and Donna Simmon’s introduction and overview of this main lesson block is as inviting and lively as the subject itself. It seems to me that she has given both children and the adults who teach them a guided tour of the plant world that will leave everyone in love with nature and knowledgeable about our leafy and rooted friends. Needless to say, I’m smitten — I think you will be, too, after you see this Unit Study.

Donna has rewritten her original Botany curriculum guide as a companion to Charles Kovac’s beautiful Botany curriculum guide.  Together, they simply sing for our 5th graders!


  • Main Lessons for Homeschoolers
  • Why Study Botany
  • Goals for this Block
  • Lesson Plans
  • Looking at Plants
  • Development of the Senses
  • Botany Activities
  • Plants and Their Environment
  • Herbs
  • Summaries
  • Flower Families
  • Trees
  • Visit to a Botanical Garden
  • Botany Scavenger Hunt
  • Resources

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