The Way of the Storyteller

Ruth Sawyer


“The art of storytelling lies within the storyteller, to be searched for, drawn out, made to grow.”

– Ruth Sawyer

This simple statement really sums up the author’s approach throughout this classic book on the art of storytelling. First published in 1942, The Way of the Storyteller is unique in its blend of literary history, criticism, analysis, personal anecdote, and practical guidance. Ruth Sawyer examines storytelling as a folk art and a still-living art, tracing its evolution from the earliest narrative impulses through their transformation by the written word. Her instructions in storytelling and freeing the creative imagination by disciplining the mind will empower any novice storyteller and embolden those well-practiced in the art. Part of the treasure of this book is that it also includes an enchanting selection of international stories and a priceless reading list.

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