Rational Recovery

The New Cure for Substance Abuse

Jack Trimpey

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Although I have always loved the intent of compassion that Alcoholics Anonymous brings to the life-wrenching issue of substance abuse and other addictive behavior, I have long been disturbed by my perception of a dependency upon AA that seemed to me to only replace one addiction with another less physically devastating addiction. Jack Trimpey was also concerned about this – so concerned that he devoted his full expertise and knowledge toward developing a revolutionary alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous. Boasting a 97% success rate, Rational Recovery offers an aggressive self-recovery program that shows you exactly how to take control of your addictive behavior NOW – and how to recover totally through planned abstinence. Hard to believe? In the face of “one day at a time” dogma, maybe. But in the light of your own true and powerful humanity, this makes perfect sense.

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