Sterling North


Our family read Rascal many times over the course of our nightly family story time – it never lost its ability to captivate, charm and delight. Rascal is truly one of the best animal stories every written – and even better because it is a true story, told by an author who lived every wonderful minute of it.

Rascal is a baby raccoon, orphaned in the woods when the boy Sterling brings him home. Soon, Rascal is ready to join Sterling at swimming, fishing, and camping. He’s also ready to initiate some of the most hilarious adventures of his own. The raccoon’s unique approach to life fits right in with the home Sterling and his father share – a home where skunks, woodchucks, a crow named Poe and an 18-foot, half-finished canoe are resident in the living room!

Wonderful reading for everyone – as a read-to for ages 7 and up; read on their own from age 12.

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