Big Summer Activity Book

Anne and Peter Thomas



Although we can’t guarantee that you’ll never again hear, “There’s nothing to do” from your children, we can guarantee that with this book at your side, you’ll have a ready suggestion that’s likely to be met with delight.

Based on many years experience of keeping children busy and happy, Anne and Peter Thomas have compiled a huge collection of summer activities that will help keep boredom at bay and help parents feel better, knowing that their children are busy having wholesome fun.

The authors include both indoor and outdoor activities, things to make, things to see, and things to do. It is packed with handy tips on food (like sweets for car journeys), health (such as sunburn), and safety. The Big Summer Activity Book covers everything from simple games that parents might themselves have played as children, to inspiring projects that will challenge the whole family.

Fully illustrated in color throughout, this is an indispensable handbook that every parent will want to keep handy throughout summer vacations.


  • Introduction: Whose holidays? — Three important factors
  • Holiday preparations: Tips for going on holiday
  • Checklist
  • In cases of illness—from motion sickness to insect bites and stings, plus a traveling pharmacy
  • The weather
  • The stars and planets
  • Nature
  • Orientation in the wild, in nature, and more
  • On the beach
  • In the mountains
  • Games to stretch the muscles
  • Living and playing in the countryside
  • Tag and other outdoor games
  • Playing on the beach
  • Indoor and outdoor games
  • Creativity with natural materials
  • When it rains
  • … plus a revolving celestial chart, songs, and more

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