Never Cry Wolf

Farley Mowat


Originally $12.99 –

Never Cry Wolf was my first encounter with Farley Mowat as a naturalist and gifted writer. I have never forgotten it. There is more heart, clear observation, and truth in this book than in dozens of reports on the state of the environment. It is an unflinchingly true story.

Sometime in the early 1960s, the Canadian government’s Wildlife Service assigned Farley Mowat to investigate reports that hordes of bloodthirsty wolves were slaughtering the arctic caribou. Mowat was dropped alone onto the frozen tundra, where he began his mission to live among the howling wolf packs and study their ways. Contact with his quarry comes quickly; and Mowat discovers not a den of marauding killers, but a courageous family of skillful providers and devoted protectors of their young. As Mowat comes closer to the wolf world, he comes to fear not the savagery of the wolves, but that of the bounty hunters and government exterminators who seem bent upon erasing the noble wolf community from the Arctic. Mowat now lives in Port Hope – an ideal name for his dwelling place on Earth. Outstanding for teens and adults.

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