The Ballad of Lucy Whipple

Karen Cushman



The author of those great Medieval tales, Catherine, Called Birdie and The Midwife’s Apprentice has created another great story – this time set in California during the Gold Rush. California doesn’t suit Lucy Whipple – not the name, not the place. But moving out West to Lucky Diggins, California, was her mama’s dream-come-true. And now her brother, Butte, and sisters Prairie and Sierra, seem to be Westerners at heart, too. For Lucy, Lucky Diggins is hardly a town at all – just a bunch of ramshackle tents and tobacco-spitting miners. Even the gold her mama claimed was just lying around in the fields isn’t panning out. Worst of all, there’s no lending library! Lucy vows to be plain miserable until she can hightail it back East where she belongs. But Lucy California Morning Whipple may be in for a surprise – home is a lot closer than she thinks. Ages 8 – 12.

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