Kinship with All Life

J. Allen Boone


I discovered this book about 25 years ago and have remained enchanted ever since. There is something so moving, so exhilarating about J. Allen Boone’s story of his own awakening to the sentience within and behind animals. In the course of “petsitting” a dog movie star named Strongheart (Boone worked in Hollywood), he discovered to his surprise and astonishment that he could comprehend Strongheart’s thoughts and that Strongheart could comprehend Boone’s. More than that, Strongheart knew a depth of reality (which he graciously shared with Boone) that surpassed Boone’s previous experiences with life. This was just the beginning – Boone was soon privileged to meet flies, ants, birds, snakes and more who revealed secret after secret to his listening heart. Once you’ve read this book, your own relationship with animals will change forever, and for the better!

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