You Can Heal Your Life

Louise L. Hay


This book is the single most effective healing tool we have found to date. Louise Hay has brought to it over thirty years experience in metaphysical healing, and her insight into the causes of illness and the solutions she offers are unparalled. She works through love, self-acceptance, understanding the inner causes of your illness, and developing a program of healing that is tailored to your individual needs. Nancy tested Hay’s methods on a chronic problem she had experienced for years. She found that Hay pinpointed the inner causes with extraordinary (if somewhat uncomfortable) accuracy, and that by simple working with the indicated affirmation, this years’ old problem first came under control and is now in the process of receding. We know of many others who have experienced the same results. It may be of interest to some of you to know that Rudolf Steiner also gave affirmations for various conditions – he called them prayers, but their structure and form were identical to those developed by Louise Hay.

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