The Giving Tree

40th Anniversary Edition with Story CD

Shel Silverstein

Includes Full Story on CD - Delightfully read by the author!


It’s probably a good idea to read The Giving Tree first – before looking at the photo of the author on the back of the jacket. Shel Silverstein is one of those people who enjoys presenting the world with a clear invitation to see beyond the surface – in this case beyond his hard-core rocker exterior – and into. . .well, we think Shel is probably the warmest hearted, delightfully creative, generous children’s author on the planet. If you haven’t already read this classic, you are in for a treat. We won’t tell you the story so you can discover it yourself, but we will give you a hint: The Giving Tree in the story is exactly like Shel, without the rough exterior. Ages 3 and up for read-aloud; age 7 for read-alone; adults for a gentle reminder of what life is really about.

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