Everybody Needs a Rock

Byrd Baylor

pictures by Peter Parnall



Everybody needs a rock for a friend, and they need to know how to care for it. “If somebody says, ‘What’s so special about that rock?’ don’t even tell them. I don’t. Nobody is supposed to know what’s special about another person’s rock.” Once he’s sure we have learned that simple truth, the Native boy telling this story takes us on a journey through the Ten Rules for Finding a Rock. We don’t want to spill all the beans, but so that you know what a special treasure this book is, we will share Rule Number One. “If you can, go to a mountain made out of nothing but a hundred million small, shiny, beautiful, roundish rocks. But if you can’t, anyplace will do. Even an alley. Even a sandy road.” May this book lead you to your rock. Age 3 and up for read-aloud. Age 6-7 for read-alone.

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