The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking

Marcella Hazen


From my perspective, Marcella Hazen’s The Essentials of Italian Classic Cooking is one of the greatest cookbooks ever written.  Each and every one of the 100’s of recipes is clearly and accurately written and results in some of the most savory, uplifting food I’ve ever eaten.  I’ve cooked with this book at least a couple times a week for over a dozen years and still discover new things.  The amount of foodlore and sheer information that Marcella packed into nearly every recipe and section is like a university education in the art of preparing healthy, nutritious food that will be loved for its flavor, beauty and aroma.  I have learned more about cooking and about eating from Marcella than from any other single source.  Were I forced to take only 1 cookbook with me to a desert island (that magically had all the ingredients and kitchen equipment I’d need on it), I would take The Essentials of Italian Classic Cooking.  And I wouldn’t look back, ever.

Recommended without reservation.

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