The Clown of God

Tomie de Paola

Softbound, large format


Tomie dePaola’s retelling of the French legend of the clown whose final gift to God is a selfless outpouring of his talents is gloriously sensitive, graceful and ultimately deeply moving and inspiring. His luminous watercolor illustrations are bright, alive and graceful – juxtaposing the stucco, tile and stone buildings of medieval Europe as a backdrop to the bright costumes of The Clown of God. The result is one that delights the eye as it assures the heart that all shall truly be well. The story culminates on a Christmas Eve of long ago, yet alive in our hearts to this day. The Clown of God remains a family favorite–our teenagers (and their parents) still pull it off the shelf to remind themselves of the truer things in life. Illustrated with Tomie dePaola’s characteristic humor, good taste and beautiful use of color. A gift for children ages 6 and older.

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