Baking Bread with Children

Warren Lee Cohen



Bread. Is there anything that evokes Life and Love more? Or smells more tantalizing when baking? Or tastes better right out of the oven?

I don’t know about you, but I have been awaiting this book with an eagerness akin to that of my childhood Christmas Eves – almost unbearable, the waiting has been.

But now it is here and the book is as much of a feast as the breads it will teach you to make. Almost any kind of bread, baked almost anyway: It’s all here. And, as joyful as that in itself is, what makes Bread Baking with Children truly magical is, well, the children. There is so much here to engage children – stories, folklore, songs, poems, and best of all, bread!

Bread. Christ’s body broken in Love. Bread. Mother Earth’s gift of Life. Bread. Millennia of human tradition, in your kitchen, with your children. Alive again!

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