Weeds and What They Tell Us

Ehrenfried E. Pfeiffer



Weeds and What They Tell Us is one of the most useful books for gardeners, and one that has taught me again and again not only what my garden needs, but also how very wise nature herself is.

Pfeiffer’s approach begins with the premise that nature really does know what she is doing, and that weeds grow where they are needed. By learning what each weed is offering to the soil, the discerning gardener or farmer can use organic matter and minerals to effect that same balance. The weed, no longer needed, will soon disappear from the cultivated area.

This wonderful little book covers everything you need to know about the types of plants known as weeds.  Pfeiffer discusses the different varieties of weeds, how they grow and what they can tell us about soil health.  The process of combatting weeds is discussed in principle as well as in practice, so that it can be applied to any situation.

The added bonus of this little book is what you can learn about the nature of plant life and the wonders of the world.

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