In Partnership with Nature

Jochen Bockemühl

Paperback with tipped in (unbound) full-color plates.

NOTE: Imperfect copies currently discounted on the clearance page.


Currently only clearance copies are available, which are missing the color plates.

This is a fascinating book, one that is as much an artistic presentation of the natural world as it is a considered ecological treatise on the interrelationships and unique attributes of individual species and environments of nature.

Bockemühl’s goal is to allow us to experience the unity of beauty with scientific fact, of science and art — in the process, it is his conviction that we will develop our own sense of how to respond with care to the needs of nature in those instances when our own needs impact the environment. In short, he has composed In Partnership with Nature in the hopes of reuniting beauty, truth and goodness — for the love of the world.

This is a book that is a treat to have on one’s bookshelf — and to go back to time and time again to discover and rediscover it’s gems. Very highly recommended.

NOTE: Imperfect copies currently discounted on the clearance page (scroll down to find them).

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