Culture and Horticulture

A Philosophy of Gardening

Wolf D. Storl


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This extensive book – over 400 pages long – was written as an introduction to gardening in its wider aspects, linking it to historical, philosophical and cosmological contexts, taking horticulture from the microscope to the wider cosmos. Surely such vistas are involved when one takes a shovel to hand to turn the soil: eons have formed it; life permeates it in manifold forms; cosmic cycles of sun and moon warm it, circulate water through it, lure out of it the season’s vegetation; and human beings shape it according to their thinking, feeling and willing. We plant and husband it according to our cultural traditions, and find mental and physical sustenance through it. All this is gardening – and this book is a delicious, engaging way to discover these depths!

Out of Print. Replaced by Culture and Horticulture, Updated Edition

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