Companion Plants

and How to Use Them

Helen Philbrick and Richard Gregg


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Companion Plants was my first introduction many years ago (early 1970s) to what to me was “garden magic.” When I came upon Philbrick and Gregg’s little classic, I had never heard of companion planting and could find no one among my acquaintences who knew about it, either. And thus, my world in the garden opened up to include the relationships between various plants, and I came to stand back, amazed, at how very much differenct it really did make whether I planted Marigolds (Tagetes) among the tomatoes or onions around the borders of my vegetable beds.

I think this book went out of print sometime in the early 1980s and hadn’t been heard from since save on the shelves of used book stores (if you were lucky). Happily, it is once again in print, to guide and astonish a whole new generation of gardeners. In it, you’ll discover such a wealth of information that it really seems inexhaustible.

I should add that Companion Plants was the ground-breaking work that inspired Louise Riotte to make her own discoveries and record them for us in her books Carrots Love Tomatoes and Roses Love Garlic – if books can be seen as seeds, then Companion Plants has one of the highest germination rates possible. But, I’ll leave you to discover that for yourself.

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