Rudolf Steiner


This course is the founding impulse of biodynamic agriculture and gardening. In it, Steiner gave instructions and explanations for tending to the needs of the Earth in a way that weaves together the forces of our Living Earth, human beings, and the spiritual world. What can arise from working with these methods is a restored Earth and a bountiful harvest.

Steiner mentions the origins of this course, and to me they speak so eloquently of the role of the individual that I am including his account here:

“I must confess, however, that it was not easy for Count and Countess Keyserlingk to get this course off the ground. It had been promised for a long time, but I did not manage to get there until Count Keyserlingk’s nephew came to the Christmas Conference in Dornach with strict instructions not to return home without a firm commitment from me to conduct the course within the next six months. So when this nephew, who has a knack for making the most unlikely things happen, showed up here under those auspices, he was so persuasive that I told him the course would take place at the first possible moment. This turned out to be a Whitsun. And so it was a lovely Whitsun celebration, a truly anthroposophical Whitsun festival.”

-Rudolf Steiner

Sometimes, simple determination can change the world.

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