Awakening to Child Health – Vol. 1

Holistic Child and Adolescent Development

Raoul Goldberg MD



Awakening to Child Health – Vol. 1, is an exquisitely beautiful and warm portrait of child development and the health-giving impact of a warm and nurturing environment on the emerging human being. I should be clear that this is *not* a home medical care guidebook. It is something that I’ve always that was very needed – an exploration (in clear and common English) of the nature of childhood with lots of examples and considered discussions.

In other words, this is a book about children, who and what they are, what they need to develop into healthy adults, what they need to be healthy and strong as they grow. The knowledge, warmth and wisdom of Awakening to Child Health is truly life enhancing, at every level.

This book is wonderful – the sort you’ll read, explore and be grateful to have known for years and years to come.


  • Meeting Children and Your Inner Child
  • The Prenatal Journey of the Incarnating Child
  • Body, Soul, and Spirit and the Three Births of Childhood
  • The Heavenly Years from Birth to Three
  • The Golden Years from Three to Seven
  • The Beautiful and Healthy Years from Seven to Fourteen
  • Puberty to Adulthood
  • Seven Life Processes, Four Temperaments, Three Physical Types and Seven Character Types
  • Awakening to the Self and Identity

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