Man as a Social Being

and the Mission of Conscience

Karl König



These lectures about the deeper aspects of contemporary social questions lead the reader ever deeper into the Christian spiritual background of man as a social being, culminating in the majestic lextures on teh esoteric objectives and meaning of the central even of human evolution, the resurrection of Christ. The approach to the social questions König addresses, and the spiritual dimension of his thought, have enormous value for all of us.

Synopses of lectures:

  • In his lectures on ‘The Threefold Structure of the Social Organism’ and ‘The Threefold Social Order’ König starts with a march through history, including Ancient Rome and Greece, the Knights Templar, the French Revolution, the 19th and 20th Centuries. Next he relates the social order to the threefold human being, the higher senses and the Christ impulse.
  • In his lectures, ‘On Community Building’, König turns to the Karlstejn Castle near Prague and the Goetheanum Building near Basel in order to enter into secrets of community building.
  • The lectures about ‘Man as a Social Being and the Mission of Conscience’, given during Advent, Christmas, the Holy Nights and Epiphany and aided by verses from the Calendar of the Soul, describe the growing voice of conscience. König also refers to Zarathustra, Buddha, Krishna and the Damascus Event.
  • The Easter lectures about ‘Re-awakening and Resurrection’ make us aware that the Risen Christ is the core of the pulse beat and breath with which man encompasses the depths of the earth and the spheres of life surrounding it.

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