Will-Developed Intelligence

Handwork & Practical Arts in the Waldorf School
Elementary through High School

David Mitchell and Patricia Livingston



An outstanding overview of the nature and role of the practical arts in Waldorf education! The illustrations alone offer such a clear view of the specific projects and goals of the “crafts classes” that the excellent descriptive text is almost an added bonus! Anyone teaching any of the crafts will LOVE this book – it is a real gift and I’m thrilled to see it available.

Mitchell and Livingston examine how working with the hands opens up neurological passageways that establish the foundation of thinking. Copiously illustrated, this book shows how the conscious development and training of the hands in the Waldorf curriculum, from kindergarten through high school, begin with the heart forces to lead the student to enhanced cognition. Additionally, they have created a practical guide to the subjects that make up this curriculum.

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