Rukia Goes to School

Susan Cook

Illustrated by Ilana Stein



Rukia watering the garden at her school

Rukia watering the garden at her school

Rukia Goes to School is a truly lovely little book that shares the excitement of a new school year in a way that makes clear just how universal that excitement can be.  Rukia lives in Nairobi, Kenya and is going off to her first day of Grade Three at her Steiner/Waldorf school.  We are lucky enough to get to share that day with her, and to see how the quiet simplicity of teaching in a Waldorf school melds into what at first seems like a very different cultural setting, then becomes more and more familiar as the day is revealed.  By the end of the book, we and any children fortunate enough to be treated to this story, have become fully at home in Rukia’s school and are as delighted as she is that she is there.  I personally love the fact that at her school both snacks and lunch are prepared for all 250 people (children, teachers, staff) by a cooking staff of three!  The food is fresh and delicious.  Clearly, I’m hoping this will inspire some of our stateside schools to do the same for children here.  Regardless, I believe that children ages 7-8 and up will be as delighted with Rukia and her first day of school as I am. 

Highly recommended.  Ages 7-8 and older.

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